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Spend Time Well

Spend Time Well is a community project exploring the relationship between technology and connectedness, to find better ways to live well in the Age of Internet.


How do we stay present and create healthy relationships with real people in our lives?



How do we take control of and balance our use of technology?




Come along to our upcoming Co-design Session in Melbourne to explore these issues and co-create solutions. For more details, view the invitation. If you’re interested in participating, please send an email to ella@tincan.net.au



Technology is a wonderful thing. Smartphones and internet have helped us connect in ways beyond our imagination and we are more well-connected than ever before.


At the same time, our dependence on our devices is increasing. We are spending more time with our phones during all hours – including in the middle of the night and in social situations that once would have been a no-phone zone. We’re not just distracted by the many devices, messages, constant notifications, and social media, but we’re becoming increasingly addicted to them, whether we realise it or not.



Through the Spend Time Well project, we are starting a conversation about our collective future – especially for parents and parents to be – to find ways to build  capability for self-awareness, presence and real connection.


We’re taking a design research approach to this project, which will mean that things will be uncertain in the beginning, but over time, clarity and focus will emerge. The research phase will involve desk research and in depth interviews.



If you have any questions about the project, or if you would like to get involved, send an email to ella@tincan.net.au, or sign up below to stay connected and receive (infrequent) updates in your inbox.