Tincan | Slow Sunday
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Slow Sunday

Thanks for being curious about our Slow Sunday project. It’s a pretty simple project really. It’s an invitation to take a break from all things technology every Sunday. It’s a weekly day of rest, away from screens and all things digital. It’s a weekly practice that can improve wellbeing, provide time for reflection, deepen relationships and improve focus.


Slow Sunday started as a research project a few years ago, where we explored ways to manage technology. On our search to find powerful ways to live well in the Age of Internet, we interviewed many people about their experiences, read a collection of wonderful books, and connected with experts in the field over cups of tea. From the insights from my research, we created the Slow Sunday practice.


Check out our article on Medium about why the offline world will become more interesting than the Internet this year. You are welcome to use this article as a conversation starter about how we can spend our time well.


We’ve turned Slow Sunday into an e-guide that we will send to you as a gift when you join Tincan’s mailing list.  We hope it will help you create the space you need to slow down and be present.