Tincan | Almaville
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Almaville was created to foster a greater sense of community in our local neighbourhood. Alma means ‘soul’ in Spanish and ville is the French word for ‘town’ or ‘city’. Co-created together with the one and only Alex Stott, Almaville is a small but vibrant ‘mini-suburb’ in a busy pocket of Melbourne. Since the first flyer hit the letterbox of our neighbours’ in late 2015, Almaville has now grown into a real community of almost 1500 neighbours coming together online and offline. Because like Hugh Mackay says it so wisely, ‘it’s not where we live, it’s how we live, that matters’.


If you’re feeling inspired to create your own ‘Almaville’ in your local neighbourhood , we’d love for you to re-use our flyer (PDF,  Word) and keep us posted on what evolves.